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Chink Database

Database of past chink jobs

unless otherwise noted, assume smooth no sand.

Alpine Meadows: Tan
Battleridge: Mortar White, Light/Med Sand, Ironstone caulk?
B Bar Ranch: Mary's House - Gray (Exterior)
Black Bear Cabin: Black caulk (for chink lines), woodtone caulk (for checks)
Black Raven: Mortar White, trowel marks, Med. Sand
Cragum: ?
Dry Creek: Mortar White, trowel marks, Med. Sand
Erickson's: Dark Brown Chink, dark brown caulk
Fogg Cabin: Mortar White
GAR: Exterior - Mortar White, woodtone & tan caulk. Interior - Weatherall Southern Grey Chink
Harrison: Main House - Gray (Interior) / Light Gray (Exterior)
Guest House - Mortar White, dark brown caulk
Barn - Dark Brown (Exterior Flashing)
Pilot Cabin - Buff, woodtone caulk
H Street: Mortar White, trowel marks, Med./Heavy Sand, ironstone caulk
King's: Tan Chink, tan energy seal caulk, tan caulk
Lone Bear Rd: Mortar White, woodtone caulk
Lost Bear: ?
Lucky's: Mortar White
Pony Cabin: Mortar White, trowel marks
Radersburg: Buff, woodtone caulk?
Red Lodge: Mortar White, woodtone caulk
Reed's: Mortar White, woodtone caulk?
Ruby Drake: Mortar White, trowel marks, Med. Sand, ironstone caulk?
Scott's: ?
Segreburg's: Tan chink, Tan caulk
Shedhorn Ranch: Mortar White, woodtone caulk
Skywood: Mortar White?
Trailsend, Twin Bridges: Mortar White, Permachink Med. Grey, Gray, dark brown woodtone and ironstone caulks
2 Lazy C: Mortar White, woodtone caulk

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