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Media Blast

Thermal Imaging


There are a few different purveyors of chink on the market, but our preferred choice is Log Jam by Sashco. We can work with other chink products upon client request.

Chink Anchor

Log Jam Color Options:

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Sanded Chink

What sets our chinking aside, beyond quality and speed of labor, is our sand application. Adding sand to your chink lines will add UV-protection, a more rustic/classic esthetic, as well as texture and depth to your building. There are three options for sand applications: light, medium, and heavy. The picture below depicts medium sand. 



In order to ensure your building is fully weatherized, caulk should be applied to large open checks, sealing up window/door trims, and enclosing any other small openings where chink is not the appropriate or preferred material. Our preferred caulk of choice is Big Stretch by Sashco, with color selections that match or compliment the Log Jam line. Be sure to check out Sashco's webpage to select the best match.


Stain Anchor

When it comes to giving new life to your log home, cabin, or building, we offer a wide variety of stain options, including oil-based & water-based products. From interior, to exterior, and even trim and siding, choosing the right product for your project is an integral part in not only the appearance but preservation of your logs. Want to compare how different stains will hold up in harsh conditions? Give this article a read! Click below to view trusted products we recommend!


Media Blasting

Media Anchor

Already have stain or paint on your logs? Hoping to start fresh from bare log? Nothing Media Blasting can't fix. Please fill out a message on our contact page for more information.


Thermal Imaging

Using a thermal camera in conjunction with a Blower Door Test we can evaluate and measure the airtightness of your log structure and locate the sites of air leakages. Air leakages are not only sources for lost heat in the winter and A/C in the summer increasing your utility bills, but also another means for flies entering and re-entering your log structure. 


Common leakage sites can include checks on exterior walls, checks against doors and windows, corner log walls, between trim board and log, along tongue and groove ceiling boards, around pearlins and ridge beams, around electrical outlets, and of course anywhere the chink has failed. 

Thermal Anchor
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Contact us today for a Blower Door Test to help build a quote for your log home care needs! 

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